Our office is highly dedicated to providing the best possible care using our experience, expertise, and utilizing the most advanced technology to deliver such care.

It is no secret that the top source of patient anxiety is a fear of pain. The combination of needles, residual soreness and the discomfort that accompanies drilling can be prohibitive, allowing oral health to deteriorate.

With our state of the art Solea Laser patients of all ages, from infancy to adulthood, can experience; noise-free, needle-free, drill-free scenarios. This enables us to deliver excellent care more quickly than ever before. And with our Gemini® soft-tissue laser, procedures can be done without scapels, sutures, or anesthesia.

We use digital intra-oral cameras, so that you can see what we see, making treatment needs easier to understand.

Our digital Itero scanner eliminates the need for messy impressions and expedites treatment. Your mouth is scanned with a radiation free scanner, and in less than 5 minutes, we get a digitally perfect, 3D image of your teeth and soft tissue structures. This enables us to enhance your orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry experience. 

In today’s world of dentistry, it is hard to imagine practicing without dental x-rays. Our office uses Digital X-Rays, which minimize radiation, are processed quickly and are more comfortable than traditional x-rays.

The pictures can be viewed almost immediately on the computer screen, allowing us to view it on a larger scale so diagnosis can be made in a timely manner. As they are digital, it also enables us to share x-rays with colleagues and our patients for faster treatment collaboration. 

Our Panoramic and Cephalometric films are also digital, enabling us to evaluate growth and development in children and screen for any bony changes in adults. 

Our office is almost paperless, with capabilities to communicate via text and email with our patients. This prevents long hold times on the phone while getting you, our patient, treatment and answers in a timely manner. 

Call us to schedule an appointment to tour our office and join our practice at 203-774-0019.